Every Space Deserves a Painting!

Every Space Deserves a Painting!

While doing this makeover, I posted an image of a blank wall under construction, as well my wall anchor, a gray painted sideboard. Then I showed an outdated chaise before it was re-upholstered, all curated to display art from Vines and Gables.

I placed the sideboard and chaise lounge on a blank wall with The Verdant Heron art, realizing it needed to be hung high to fill the wall.

I looked for accessories that would compliment the colors and draw the eye up, choosing a collection of wooden wedding boxes that closed off the space between the art and the furniture. To enhance the collection and take the eye even farther up, I chose a pair of antique urns, topped by green moss balls to add color and the feeling of nature.

To show versatility, I swapped out the painting for another, Round Top Wildflowers.

The reupholstered chaise fit the wall perfectly and I used Vines and Gables’ Fern Pillow and Cotton Throw to compliment the neutral fabric.

I added the painting, Round Top Wildflower to an easel to extend the vignette because I believe every space deserves a painting.


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